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Ecotip is a modern, private and socially responsible company that is already a leader in several industries in the region, established in September 1998.


We are thinking globally, but we act locally, we work with the best world companies in our activities and we are their partners, and their quality and energy for which are global leaders, we carry on the same level.

From the first day we invest in the constant development of the company. We do not undertake, we build our own staff, we implement standards in operation, we are socially responsible through our attitude towards the state and nature and we are striving for perfection.

Our goal: A company that will be the first choice of customers and their trusted partner. To maximize our contribution to nature and our society.



Blueair- We believe in clean air for everyone

Every breath in fresh air fills us with energy, health, strength and tranquility. Breathing clean air opens the mind, revives the spirit and rejuvenates the skin. Our pursuit of clean air has led to the development of the world's finest air purifying systems that deliver the cleanest indoor air you can possibly get. We do not just believe in the importance of cleaner, healthier air, we live and breathe.

Two decades ago, Blueair's founder, Bengt Ritry, noticed that it was getting harder to live and work in a cleaner air environment. Therefore, he tried to create the best air purifier in the world, to create a healthy sky for his family, as well as other like-minded people around the world. To accomplish this, Bengt assembled a team of talented designers, filtration specialists and researchers who shared a passion for purifying and designing the air. They have begun to create the world's finest air purifiers that combine high efficiency, low-noise air purification with good design.

Innovation with Love in Sweden, celebrates 25 years of contribution for cleaner and healthier indoor air.



Bluewater - Everyone has the right to drink clean water

Bluewater deals with the production and sale of spectacularly efficient water purifiers. Pioneers in new approaches to improving the health and well-being of people.

The vision of the date when Bluewater was launched in 2013 is to deliver water purifiers that have a tangible impact on improving the quality of life of people. The whole is to offer seamless water that people can consume, wash the food and use for cooking.

Founder and Executive President Bengt Ritter, one of the leading environmental entrepreneurs in Sweden, is driven by the desire to innovate the world's best water purifiers because he believes everyone has the right to drink water without pollutants.

Like Bengt, all of us who work on Bluewater follow the ethos that clean drinking water is a fundamental human right. Bluewater exists to provide our customers at home or at work, water purifiers that give clean water for consumption.

Achieving our vision involves tapping into the skills, energy, confidence and positive emotions of everyone working in Bluewater and our partners.



Retap- Stands for refiling with tap water

Retap was founded by three enthusiastic entrepreneurs from Denmark who were initially influenced by reading about the accumulation of plastic trash in the oceans consisting mainly of plastic bottles. During the 2009 UN climate meeting held in Copenhagen (COP 15), we became more aware of the negative impact of bottled water on the environment. We felt that something had to be done. So we set our minds on designing a bottle that is especially designed for drinking tap water.

Our mission at Retap is to transform the way we drink water. Whether you prefer your water filtered or straight from the tap, refilling a reusable bottle is easy, inexpensive, and the most eco-friendly way to drink water.

The Retap personal hydration bottle is especially designed to give you the best drinking experience. Comfortable to hold, sealed against spilling, our award winning design insures you will enjoy every sip.

Retap has two offices. The main office is located in Agerskov, Denmark and the other one in Cleveland, USA. The Retap bottle is designed in Denmark and manufactured in Europe.